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What is Parental Alienation? - Family Lawyer Massachusetts

Parental Alienation

A number of family law cases involve children taking part in camera interviews with a judge to discuss which parent they want to reside with along with disclosing their feelings about each parent. While this can be a useful tool for the court system, it can also involve a child repeating negative views or comments about one parent over the other based on misinformation or intent of one parent to alienate the child from the other. There are varying degrees of parental alienation and has been slowly becoming a problem that most people don't know about. It is viewed by some as a form of child abuse. This type of strategy posed by parents can give children an unsettled and emotional traumatic feeling. They may feel guilty for many years and some suffer toxic effects between the relationship with child and parent. The courts may intervene if there is blatant or unlawful use of parental alienation, such as physically keeping a child from having contact with a parent.

Family Law Basics

Family law encompasses a wide range of specialties pertaining to divorce and domestic legal issues. Each situation that requires the representation or advice of an attorney is as unique as each family is. While there are certain laws and formulas that are part of the court system to protect assets, future finances, and a family's rights, each case is different. Therefore, the unique factors involved can greatly affect the outcome of any family law case. The necessity for law firm’s advice or representation crosses all social and economic lines.

What are the Most Common Areas of Family Law?

  • Divorce or annulment, including civil unions, domestic   partnership, and same sex marriage
  • Alimony
  • Custody, parental alienation, and child support
  • Adoption and paternity  Spousal or child abuse
  • Marriage and prenuptial agreements

Tips for Choosing a Family Law Attorney

There are a significant number of factors to consider when choosing an attorney. It is important to check the professional credentials and licenses of any attorney before hiring them. It is also advisable to factor in that attorney's expertise in family law and their experience as an attorney in general. Professional affiliations can also tell potential clients where a particular lawyer focuses their attention and who they affiliate themselves with. It is also generally advisable to check references and recommendations so as to gauge the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Costs are naturally a factor in deciding on a family law attorney.

Many attorneys offer free consultations to help clients decide which course is best for their individual situation.

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New Law Firm Website Launch in Lowell MA

 Family Law Firm in Lowell MA

The Law Office of Todd D. Beauregard, P.C. is recognized as a premier law firm comprised of six attorneys who are individually distinguished in their background, education, experience and training in specific areas of the law. Depending on your particular needs, their attorneys may concentrate in one or more of the following areas featured in greater detail on this website: Family Law, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Civil Litigation, Elder Services and Estate Planning.

The People of the Law Offices of Todd D. Beauregard, P.C.

The firm’s most valuable resource is our clients and the combination of individuals who work within the firm. With five Associate Attorneys led by the firm’s founder, Todd D. Beauregard, Esq., the entire staff is trained to keep you well informed of your options and their talents are matched to suit your particular needs. Every member of the legal team works to consistently exceed the client’s expectations for professional legal guidance.

Background – Education – Experience – Training

Within the legal community, the law firm has a solid reputation for being an organization made up of ethical professionals who aggressively pursues their client’s desired results. Their attorney profiles highlight the expansive pool of legal talent and knowledge they each offer.

Website Overview

This website strives to provide clients with general information only. It has general answers to the most commonly asked legal questions. Its intent is to provide quality information, laws and services to help clients understand their options and provide guidance.
None of the content should be construed to disseminate legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney client relationship. Every situation is as unique as one’s fingerprint. In the context of this website, there is no rational way to provide an answer to the infinite questions that arise during a legal representation. If you have any questions or comments related to this website, contact the law office of Todd D. Beauregard to discuss any unintended error or omission, user-friendliness, or any suggestion for its improvement.

Attorney Bio

Upon graduation from law school and having passed the Massachusetts Bar Examination in 1995, Attorney Beauregard joined the law firm of Palma Law Offices, P.C., in Lowell, Massachusetts. Attorney Beauregard opened his own practice in Lowell, Massachusetts in 2006, whose main office is located at 25 Central Street in Lowell, MA 01852. Since 2006, the firm has grown to meet the increased demand for experienced and ethical legal representation, with offices in Nashua, NH, North Andover, MA and Boston, MA. Attorney Beauregard is licensed to practice in all Massachusetts state courts, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, and the United States Federal Court of Appeals sitting in the First Circuit.


Todd D. Beauregard, Esquire earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Honors Studies in Public Administration and Political Science from the University of Maine in 1992, graduating with Highest Distinction from the University of Maine. Todd then achieved his Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA in 1995 graduating cum laude.


Attorney Beauregard has 17 years solid experience as a trial lawyer. Prior to graduating from Suffolk University Law School, he was a Supreme Judicial Court Certified 3:03 Student Practitioner, working in the South Boston and West Roxbury District Court prosecuting criminal matters. Since graduating law school, Attorney Beauregard's practice has experienced rapid growth by litigating thousands of cases over the past 17 years. Attorney Beauregard's reputation in the legal community is among the most highly respected based on his continued ability to achieve his client's most highly desired results.


Attorney Beauregard is a long-standing supporter of many local and civic organizations, and charities. Attorney Beauregard is a member in good standing with the Massachusetts and American Bar Associations, the Family Law section of the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys. The Massachusetts Probate and Family Court calls upon attorney Beauregard to act as a Special Master and Real Estate Master in hotly disputed cases.
It is Todd D. Beauregard's hope that this website will offer guidance and answers to all of your legal questions but knows it cannot address every situation.
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