Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Veterans Day Celebrations in Massachusetts - Lowell MA

Held every year on the 11th of November in the United States of America, Veterans Day is a federal holiday that began as a way to celebrate the contribution of the men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces that have served the country through the years. Veterans Day is celebrated on a grand scale across the country with several parades, events and sales being set up to commemorate the huge sacrifices of the armed forces and their families.

Celebrating Veterans Day in Massachusetts  

Massachusetts has a rich history of armed force service for the country, starting from the Bay Colony easy days till present. There are several events being held around the state to commemorate the armed forces contribution to the United States.
An Annual Veterans' Day Ceremony will be held on November 11th at 10 am at the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Street in Boston. Some other events held in the same week include the Disabled American Veterans Inaugural Walk on 14th November at 9 am at the Boston Common Parkman Bandstand in Boston and the Veterans' Expo at the Chelsea Soldiers Home on November 19th from 1 pm at Martin Auditorium in Chelsea.

Veterans Day Parade Schedule

A Veteran’s Day Parade will be held on November 11th at 1 pm. This parade starts at the corner of Charles and Boylston Streets and moves toward City Hall Plaza. The Annual Veterans Day Appreciation Dinner is held on November 11th at 6 pm. This dinner is sponsored by the Natick Soldier Systems Center, the Town of Natick, the Natick Veterans Council, police and fire unions. Invitations are extended to every veteran, active duty service member and their families. The dinner takes place at Natick’s new community-senior center on East Central Street. If you are interested in participating in this dinner, please RSVP to veterans@natickma.org.

Stone Zoo and Franklin Park Zoo will honor the service of every veteran on November 11th by offering free admission to veterans from 10 am to 4 pm. This will give veterans an opportunity to spend a memorable day with their families.

Boston Duck Tours will recognize all military personnel and first responders by offering free rides during the Veterans Day week from November 10th to November 14th. The DAV Boston Walk for Disabled American Veterans will be held on November 14th at the Boston Common Parkman Bandstand. For other events in and around Boston and Massachusetts, you can refer to this guide.
Helpful Resources for Veterans in Massachusetts 

The Department of Veterans Services offers help to war veterans and their families by offering financial assistance, medical assistance, family benefits, disability benefits and much more. You can contact your local office if you are seeking certain benefits from the Department.

The City of Boston Veteran Services also seeks to provide assistance to veterans and their families by connecting them with eligible benefits and services. The Central Massachusetts Veteran Services offers information on VA disability, survivor benefits, non-service connected pension and much more. If you need to apply for any of these benefits, contact the department by entering your information in their contact page.

The Law Offices of Todd D. Beauregard would like to thank all of our military veterans and all who are currently serving.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Safety For Trick or Treaters in Massachusetts _ Lowell MA

Reminders to Massachusetts Parents about Trick or Treating this Halloween

Next to Christmas, Halloween is the children’s most awaited annual event.  As with all other American states, practically all communities of Massachusetts have lined up a whole array of exciting activities to grace the Halloween season. There are parties, street parades, and the highlight of the night, trick or treating.

Sadly, there have been at least a few unfortunate Halloween-related mishaps, all due to a combination of carelessness and just plain ill luck. According to statistics, most accidents on the road and indoors occur between 6:00 to 7:00 PM, the peak hour for trick or treating.

You don’t want your family to be part of the accident statistics anytime at all. As parents, you should be aware of the following Halloween safety tips.  Relay them to your kids before you allow them to go trick or treating.

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Costumes.  Your child may want to be a princess, a monster, or a superhero.  Whatever the costume is, make sure that its parts are securely in place, no loose ends that would cause snagging or tearing.  The costume should not be too heavy.  If there’s a headgear or mask, make sure that the opening is big enough for your child to be able to see around his surroundings.  Better yet, use face paint or makeup instead of masks or headgears.  Before going outside for trick or treating, your child should test out the costume at home first to make sure it’s not too heavy and that it doesn’t cause slipping or tripping.  Especially be careful with oversized footwear (such as with clown and animal costumes) that might be hazardous on the stairs. Make sure wings, tails, or headdresses can go safely between doorways.  Your child should use only safe accessories, nothing that is fire-lit.  Most of all, costumes must be flame-resistant.

Visibility on the road.  Your child should bring a flashlight or neon stick.  Place reflecting adhesive tape on parts of his costume so that he will be visible to motorists at night.  Remind him to avoid dark places, use the sidewalks, and cross only at intersections and pedestrian lanes.

Safety in numbers.  As much as possible, your child should go with a group, and to stay with that group until the end of the activity.  A group of trick or treaters is much more visible to motorists.  A child who is alone will stand the risk of getting hit by a car, trip, falling down, and getting kidnapped. Teach them what to do if ever they find themselves left behind.  Better yet, remind the older members of the group to keep an eye on the younger ones and make sure nobody gets left behind.

Getting help.  Just in case the inevitable happens, your children should get help immediately from neighbors or passersby.  Your child should also know where to call in case of an emergency.  They should never leave an injured companion alone.  And they should be ready to give a narrative of the incident to police and paramedics, so that these people will know exactly how to handle the accident. Teach them to record car plate numbers and recall vehicle features (important in case of a hit-and-run accident).

By Todd D. Beauregard


Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Vacation Safety Tips in Massachusetts - How to Avoid Personal Injury From Fireworks

Summer vacations in Massachusetts are in full swing and Independence Day is one with a rich history of family fun and friendly get-togethers. Part of the magic of the holiday includes lighting fireworks. But, it’s important to remember that as much fun as fireworks can be, they can also cause serious personal injury. That’s why practicing fireworks safety is vital for ensuring that your holiday fun doesn’t end up disaster. Some safety tips for avoiding personal injury are listed below, as well as a few locations for Fourth of July fireworks events – just in case part of your celebration includes watching a magnificent sky display put on by professionals. 

Firework Safety Tips: 

Use caution when allowing children to use fireworks, including sparklers. They may look innocent, but they can reach up to 1800⁰F. Children should hold sparklers away from their body (especially their face), their clothes and their hair – and only adults should be lighting them.

1.    Always use fireworks outdoors, light one firework at a time, and never hold them in your hand while lighting.

2.    NEVER attempt to re-light a dud.

3.    Make sure fireworks are set off in a direction opposite of homes, business, or any kind of flammable material (dried leaves and summer-thirsty bushes catch fire easily).

4.    Never purchase illegal fireworks (legal ones have the manufacturer’s name printed on them), and check your local ordinances to make sure you are allowed to use them.

5.    Store fireworks in a dry, cool space.

6.    Always have water or a hose ready, in the event of an emergency.

7.    Save alcohol for after the fireworks. Impairment and fireworks just don’t mix.

8.    Always be on guard and take notice of your surroundings. It’s not unusual for fireworks to “backfire” and take off in the opposite direction, and you will want to avoid personal injury to those nearby.

9.    Do not point fireworks at anyone, and never throw them at someone.

10.    Remember that “duds” may not be duds. Some fireworks may actually still be ignited, ready to
explode or light up at any time (so don’t let your kids pick them up after the event).

11.    Should a child be injured, they should be taken to a hospital or to their doctor immediately. Cool water should be poured over burns (not cold water), clothing should be removed where is might contact skin, and if any injury occurs to the eyes, they should be left alone and not flushed out.
Fireworks Events in Your Area for July 4, 2015 (Check local areas for events for additional dates)

Fourth of July fireworks events are being held state-wide in Massachusetts, in select cities. For instance, if you live near Agawam, you can view them at Six Flags at 9:30 PM, or if you’re in Pepperell, you can see them at Nissitissit Middle School Athletic Field at 9:00 PM. Boston residents can see a fantastic display a 10:00 PM at the Barge on the Charles River, Middleborough residents can watch them at 10:00 PM at Battis Field/Pierce Playground, those in Bellingham can see them at 60 Blackstone Field at 9:00 PM, and Nantucket area residents can see them at the Barge in Nantucket Sound off Jetties Beach at 9:00 PM. Mattapoisett area residents get the best of the day, with two events: the Bay Club at 9:15 PM, and Millbury at 9:45 PM. Other cities hosting events include: 

•    Ayer at 36 Bligh Street, 9:00 PM
•    Barnstable at the Barge in Lewis Bay, ~9:00/9:15PM
•    Bridgewater at Legion Field, 9:30 PM
•    Canton at the Irish Cultural Ctr, 9:15 PM
•    East Harwich at the 2 - Barges off Wequassett Inn, 9:15 PM
•    Lincoln at Codman Field, 9:15 PM
•    Marblehead at the Barge in Marblehead Harbor, 9:30 PM
•    Marion at the Barge off Silver Shell Beach, 9:15 PM
•    Nahant at Bass Point Road, 9:00 PM
•    New Bedford at the Barge in New Bedford Harbor, 9:00 PM
•    Newton at Albermarle/Halloran Field, 9:00PM
•    Provincetown at MacMillan Wharf, 9:00 PM
•    Waltham at Leary Field, 9:15 PM
•    Winthrop at Coughlin Park, 9:15 PM

Avoiding personal injury is a safety goal anytime fireworks are around, and although fireworks are generally safe when used properly, there are occasions when people suffer personal injury due to negligence. If you or anyone you know ends up being injured due to fireworks safety precautions being overlooked, don’t take it lightly. Safety precautions are in place for a reason, and if your injury could have been prevented, you should contact an attorney to find out about compensation.

By Todd Beauregard