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What is Divorce Mediaton? - Divorce Laws Lowell MA

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a service that provides an opportunity for parties who wish to get divorced to work with one another through a neutral third person, as they decide the issues that need to be solved in a divorce.

Those issues generally focus on custody of the children, the support for the child or children as well as the spouse and the division of the marital assets.

This is an opportunity for the parties to work with one another in a confidential manner and to work at a pace that's suitable to both parties.

Benefits of Hiring a Mediator

Having a divorce mediator can provide a fair settlement for each party and can also reduce stress and anxiety that can occur during the divorce. Mediation preserves relationships, it does not polarize them.

It also has significant financial benefit it as it can cost less than an attorney controlled divorce. It can also provide a savings on taxes for each person.  Divorce mediation settlements can also take less time than a litigated divorce.

The mediation settlement will cover parenting arrangements for the children, child support and can eliminate court proceedings.

What to Look For When Choosing a Divorce Mediator

You should seek a mediator in Massachusetts that is a skilled attorney, licensed in the state where your divorce is being held. The mediator is a trained neutral third party who facilitates conversation leading to the negotiations between the parties. Choose a law firm that concentrates on family law, child custody, alimony, support, contempt and modifications. The mediator will explore any and all options for the agreement and will focus on the issues between the couple to help resolve the divorce in an amicable and timely manner. This is a great way for parties to make the final decisions themselves rather than have the court system decide.

Hiring a mediator is a great way to familiarize yourself with the divorce process. Finding a qualified mediator in Massachusetts that is experienced in family law is advisable. Various laws are typically involved in the divorce process, a mediator will help you understand these laws as they apply to your unique circumstances to help you both come to an agreement that will endure. This process typically dissolves the marriage with less stress and anxiety, in less time and at less cost.

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