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5 Scariest Product Recalls - Injury Lawyers Massachusetts

Consumer Product Safety Recalls

As a species, we're pretty awesome when it comes to inventing - some of the products and gadgets we have now seem to have come straight from science fiction. We can invent, manufacture and distribute goods all over the world, faster than ever before. Cause for celebration, perhaps, but things do not always go to plan. Think yourself lucky if you never bought any of these five items,  Most of these products have caused some type of personal injury or embarrassment to the consumers who bought them, they're the five scariest product recalls.

1. Shower Doors Shattering 

In 2011, Kohler Co. recalled about 100 glass shower doors after discovering that the hinge mechanism could shatter and pose a laceration hazard. Dozens of complaints have been received about various shower screens shattering, causing all kinds of cuts and lacerations. Some people even needed stitches or surgery as a result of their injuries.

2. Chair Collapse 

Everyone has fallen off a chair and embarrassed themselves at some point in life. Sometimes, the chair itself is to blame. Walmart just recalled a five piece card table and chair set after it emerged that many of the chairs have been unexpectedly collapsing. Finger amputations, finger fractures and injured backs are just a few of the injuries associated with the poorly made chairs. Card playing suddenly seems like less of a gamble than sitting down.

3. Transparent Yoga Trousers 

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing business flops of the year comes in the form of designer yoga pants, which, seemingly, weren't quite up to the task. Lululemon Athletica's yoga pants, with prices starting at $100 per pair, used material so thin that in many of their designs, the pants became so sheer as to be see-through. The products were recalled at an estimated cost of $60 billion. Scary if you inadvertently owned a pair and exposed yourself unwittingly, and scary too, if you're a shareholder.

4. Drop-Side Cribs 

Millions of drop-side cribs have been recalled in the US after the tragic suffocation and death of more than 100 infants due to the cribs. Some babies suffocated and others fell from the cribs due to missing or faulty hardware in the sides. Traditional drop-side cribs have now been banned in the US but consumers should beware of second-hand drop-side cribs which may still be available for purchase.

 5. HP Chromebook 11 

The Chromebook 11 was meant to be the next big thing. As an affordable, lightweight and sleek laptop built around Google Chrome system, it was expected to be a big hit last holiday season. However, all of a sudden, the product started to disappear from the shelves, and it was not due to its popularity. Instead, HP began receiving reports that some of the battery chargers were dangerously overheating, causing a potential fire or burn hazard. No big fuss was made, but products were gradually recalled from stores - scary because we almost never heard about it! Most products are made safely and perform their function as expected, but there will always be some things that fall through the net. Protecting yourself should always come before having the latest fashion or fad.

 By Massachusetts Injury Lawyer Todd Beauregard

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